Saving Kids Dreams is a 100% volunteer run organization and a registered non-profit based in Virginia Beach, Va.  Founded in 2015, our mission is to unplug the next generation.  To date we have reached over 6,000 kids through our outdoor events.  In 2018 alone we were able to reach over 4,000 kids are our annual 'Unplugged Youth Event'.  

Aristotle and Kaitlyn Cleanthes

Aristotle and Kaitlyn have been outdoor lovers and nature conservation advocates since they were introduced to hunting at a very young age.  Since they met in 2011, this pair has been working to share the outdoor lifestyle with others and have also started the outdoor groups: Back Bay Boys & Back Bay Girls.  Those groups have also been aimed at giving people a chance to connect with the outdoors through various events over the years.  With nothing but a dream and a vision to inspire the next generation to get outdoors, Saving Kids Dreams was born. Ari and Kaitlyn's vision of this organization continues to evolve and is influenced by every event and the community that they serve.


Our Board works throughout the year to create the Unplugged Youth Event, plan the Sponsor Dinner, and find ways to engage with the kids in the area.  We tackle these tasks with bi-weekly and weekly meeting filled with lots of laughs and yummy food!  Our Board is inspired by so many of the people in our community and thrive on spreading the love for all outdoor activities.  Organizing this definitely a labor of love and we all enjoy all of the many aspects. 


(Left to Right): Judy Pace, Coddie Hann, Aristotle Cleanthes, Kaitlyn Cleanthes, Phil Ralph, Julie Hewitt, and Jen Romine